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The Roasterie – Taste Good – Do Good

The Roasterie, in Kansas City, is doing more than serving up a great cup of coffee, their making a difference in the local and global community. As a coffee company and roastery, The Roasterie is engaged in a crop to cup effort to share and nurture communities. In the KC area alone, The Roasterie is [...]

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Fireman’s Brew Coffee – 3 Alarm Blend & False Alarm Decaf

Though we can’t vouch for their coffee (we would love to review a bag or hear form any of you who have), the World Coffee Project™ team was intrigued by Fireman’s Brew and love how the company is caring for the families of fallen firefighters’. Fireman’s Brew 3 Alarm Blend & False Alarm Blend Founded [...]

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Pura Vida Coffee – Why Love These Guys

Pura Vida Coffee is a nonprofit based in the Seattle area, and we’re a hug fan of these guys work and mission. Started by two business students, Pura Vida proves that the power of capitalism can be used to “Create Good”, a refreshing idea in our age of Enrons and bank bailouts. The company has [...]

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